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Family Photo Album
The Runyon Family Tree
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These are the descendents of Erney Clifford and Grace (Nance) Runyon.



The ten children of Erney and Grace Runyon. Front: Mary, Randy, Sandra, Richard, June and Barb. Back: Erney, Larry, Donald and Thomas.  Picture taken 1962. 


Grace Leonora (Nance) and Erney Clifford Runyon

ERNEY CLIFFORD RUNYON 1906-1987 AND GRACE LEONORA (NANCE) RUNYON 1911-2003. Erney was born in Randolph, Kentucky and Grace in Cropsey, Illinois. They married in 1934 in Joliet, Illinois, and thus began the Runyon Clan.


Thomas Nance Runyon

Delores June (Runyon) and Glen Arnold
Barbara Jean (Runyon) Black
Donald Robert and Shirley (Peterson) Runyon Family


Larry Clifford Runyon
Mary Beatrice (Runyon) Hanshew
Erney Eugene Runyon

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