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Descendents of Phineas Runyon
The Runyon Family Tree
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Phineas was born in Hunterdon County, New Jersey and died in Rowan County, North Carolina. He married Charity Coates in 1761. She was born December 26,1744 in Rowan County, North Carolina and she died August 9, 1827.

In 1779, Phineas purchased land on Cabbin Creek in Rowan County. He was Captain of "Runyon Tax District".

In 1795 he sold his farm on Lick Creek, Rowan County and his land on Cabbin Creek.

Phineas and Charity then migrated , with their children, to Madison County, Kentucky, in 1795 or 96.

In 1800, Phineas purchased land on Otter Creek in Madison County, and in 1808 purchased more land on Otter Creek. They sold their land by the year 1819 and some say, returned to Rowan County and both died there. This has not been proven however, and records from the "Shaker Village" of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, suggest otherwise.

The children of Phineas and Charity Coates are:

1.Freeman b.Abt.1760

2.John William b.November 1,1763

3.Joseph b.January 24,1765

4.Bafford "Barefoot" b.June 6,1767 New Jersey and d. March 22,1844 Eaton, Preble County, Ohio.



7.Michael b. 1775, New York

8.Charity b.April 14,1776 Hunterdon County, New Jersey

9.Martin b.April 20,1778 New Jersey

10.Absolom b.1783 North Carolina

11.Emily b.September 22, 1784

12.Isaac b.1787

13.Mercy b.April 21,1791 Rowan County, North Carolina

This is the Shaker MeetingCenter where Phineas and Charity Runyon attended

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