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Descendents of Vincent Runyon/Rongnion
The Runyon Family Tree
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A combination of research of many, that started with myself and my sister June (Runyon) Arnold. 
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Born in about 1645, our progenitor, Vincent Runyon, a French Huguenot, who was fleeing religious persecution , crossed the waters from the Isle of Jersey, off the coast of France, and landed in Elizabethe Town. East Jersey, which is now Elizabeth, New Jersey, in 1665. On July 17, 1668, he married Ann Martha Boutcher in the Province of New Jersey. And thus began the Runyon, Runyan/Runnion, Runion/Runions familys of American.

Vincent is believed to be of French descent, however, this has not been proven. He did hovever sail fromPortier, Province of Anciennes, France. Many believe that he is the son of Henri Rongnion, however this has not been proven either. Ann Martha is of English descent, being the daughter of John Boutcher and_____ of Hartford, England, and was born about 1650.

They were married by James Bolton and their marriage certificate is on file at the Trenton , New Jersey State Archives. The certificate was issued and signed by Phillip Carteret, the then governor of East Jersey, America.

Shortly after their marriage they moved to a piece of land, said to have been given to Phillip Carteret and the skilled Huguenots, to settle the new land. A few years later they moved to a Baptist community in Piscataway, Middlesex County, New Jersey.

In 1677, Vincent and Ann Martha moved to a piece of land, 154 1/2 acres, along the Raritan River, and plied his trade as a farmer and carpenter, and raised his family there.

Vincent died in 1713 in Piscataway and Ann Martha died about 1736 in Piscataway.

The following children were born of that marriage, and the story moves on.

1.John b.14/Feb/1669 in Elizabethtown,New Jersey;d. about 1744, Rocky Hill, Somerset County,New Jersey. He married Ann Elizabeth Dunn on January 20, 1692 in Piscataway,New Jersey. Ann was the d/o Hugh Dunn and Elizabeth Drake and was born about 1674.

2.Vincent b.about 1671

3.Ann b.about1673

4.Thomas b.about 1675

5.Mary b.2/Jul/1677

6.Peter b.1/Jul/1680

7.Jane b.19/Jan/1683

8.Sarah b.30/Oct/1686


The Marriage License of Vincent and Ann Martha

On file at the office of Secretary of State, Trenton, New Jersey 


To any of the Justices of Peace or Ministers of the Province of New Jersey.
Whereas I have received information of a mutual agreement between Vincent Rongnion of Portiers,in France,and Ann Boutcher,daughter of John Boutcher of Hartford in England,to solomize  marriage together,for which they have reqested my license,and there appearing to be no lawful impediment for the obstruction thereof,these are to require you or eyther of you to joyne the said Vincent Rongnion and Ann Boutcher in matrimony,and then to pronounce them man and wife, and to make record thereof,according to the laws in that behalf provided,for the doing whereof,this shall be to you or eyther of you sufficient warrent.
Given under my hand and seal of the Province the 28th Day of June,1668,and the 20th year of the Raigne of our Soverign Lord Charles the Second of England,Scotland,Ireland,King defender of the faith.&c
Signed Ph Carteret                                                                                      
This couple were joyned in matrimony by me the 17th of July,1668
Signed James Bolton